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Kabbalah in Clear Light
The experimental path to mystical teachings

Exposing the hidden mysteries of the Kabbalah

Now, for the first time, there is a clear, reader-friendly book that opens the door to the magical world of the Kabbalah. Step by step, in a fascinating, experimental manner, Kabbalah in Clear Light clears the fog of the secrecy shrouding this ancient mystical doctrine and casts it in a light that is relevant to our lives today.  The light of the Kabbalah clarifies concepts-some familiar and others unknown-in creativity, science, art, love and interpersonal relations.

* How do we harness higher powers to alleviate the stresses of life?
* "The righteous suffer, the wicked thrive"-why?
* What is the path to ideal, harmonious couple relationships?
* What is the meaning of our existence, and how do we fit into the Devine Plan?

These and other questions are addressed by this comprehensive, in-depth book. Without foregoing the clearest explanations on the Kabbalistic Tree of Sefirot, the Upper Worlds and the wisdom of the Zohar, the book also soars to the realms of legend and mysticism. It clarifies the secrets of the gematria (numerical value of letters), letter combinations, techniques for the meditation and the mystical communication, and practical Kabbalah. Along with tales of the righteous, author Yigal Arica interweaves wondrous stories about his own experiences along the paths of the Kabbalah.

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